(- Geof Huth, RIP Bob Grumman – Pwoermds project for   (see here:

It’s a bit weird that my first blog post is about a death but in fact, it’s caused an opposite effect. I only came to know of Bob due to links on social media, stating that he had passed away. And that’s sad. Not just that he died, but that’s the reason I found out about him. On the same day I heard that Van Gogh only sold one painting when he was alive. What does this tell us? Do some artist only come to existence when dead? Do we not share each other’s works enough?

Grumman – never heard of the man before, but his death caused some fresh energy inside me. Bob’s goodbye got me off my sofa, onto the floor, hovering above a canvas. Yes, after many weeks of immobility (lethargy via a broken arm) I am drawing and painting again!
Not only that but after reading his write-up on Minimalist poetry (aka to Bob: MNMLST) ( I was again moved by his analysing, and started writing again but in a fresh way.
Sometimes, writers may feel trapped in their own body of work. Whether they have a certain style they can’t shake off or knowing their work must fit commercial criteria if they want the work to expand/be widely noticed. Ah, but relax and forget that – write in whatever way you feel! Life is too bloody short to be worrying whether your work fits in certain categories. It’s ok – write how you want to.

Bob is a big inspiration now, and carries an urge we must listen to. Visual and minimal poetry needs a magnifying glass on it. Let the world see it – lets start talking about it more. I know I will.

Today, share an artists work. Lets spread the passion for creativity.

So this sincere goodbye to a man who had such passion for interpreting poetry has evoked a hello – a wake up.

Hello people, welcome to my blog.